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15 ebay auctions now online!

Well, my wardrobe burst at its seams again and I need to make room for other outfits :)


  • XS-S (European)
  • 6-8 (UK)
  • 4-6 (US)

Here is a short overview:

  • International and combined shipping is provided
  • Every item is available only ONCE
  • No luck on ebay? Find more outfits online at




Girl and her dragon growing up and growing old together and stuff. ( I picture dragons having very long lives so it would suck making human friends OTL ) It started as just the first pic but then I wanted to draw the dragon after it hatched and then it just continued from then on…

I am sure its by no means an original concept so I’m gonna add mine to the pile of mythical creature friendships  :)

I’m having a horrible artblock so I’m just finishing up doodles I did at work over 4-5 months ago or something OTL

Was pretty certain this was Mako at first glance and thought WHERE WAS THIS ALL SUMMER?

But in the last picture, I think the dragon has a faint smile. It has a lot of happy, loving memories, and it can go on to be a friend to another child. That would be nice.

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